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VSSIA University created a flexible curriculum that enables students to tailor their consulting services to their own specific needs, regardless of citizenship.

Whether you would want to be enrolled full-time at VSSIA University or just select specific modules, we have the perfect solution!

Honors Program



with Honors Scholarship

You are SELECTED to be part of the VSSIA University 2023-2024 cohort based on your application. You take part in all group modules and you are assigned an INDIVIDUAL advisor that will help you:
  • Make an individual application timeline
  • Create an individual profile based on your activities and interests
  • Connect you to various people and activities to build your portfolio
  • Curate college choices (EDI/EDII/EAs/RD)
  • Identify the Main Theme for the Main Essay and have your drafts reviewed
  • Review 5 Supplemental Essays
  • Review your Final Application
  • Apply for Financial Aid and Merit Scholarships
  • Have individual mental health check-in & time management sessions
  • Prepare for college admission interviews
  • Successfully obtain your student visa
You also get free access to weekly Office Hours with any VSSIA advisor to ask questions regarding your application.
Full-time Student


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Anyone can join. Just fill out our application!

You take part in all group modules and get 5 free weekly individual Office Hour sessions with any VSSIA advisor to ask questions regarding your application.

Part-time Student

Be creative.

Create your own advising plan.

Choose from the various modules that cover every single part of the college admissions application from writing a great essay to choosing your colleges and applying for financial aid and scholarships.


Introduction to USA College Application - Steps & Financial Aid


Do you want to study in the USA but you're not sure where to start?
Does the process of applying to college overseas seem overwhelming and scary?

This module will teach you all you need to know to get started!

Module 1 Objectives:
  • Understand the college application process in the US

  • Develop a personal action plan to approach your application

  • Understand the financial aid and merit scholarship process

Module 1 Format:
  • ...

  • ...


Successful Essays


Are you overwhelmed by how many essays you need to write?
Do you have an essay idea but you are unsure whether it is a strong topic?

Find out how to write successful college application essays!

Module 2 Objectives:
  • Prepare your college essays

  • Develop your writing style and brainstorm essay topics

  • Develop your vocabulary

  • Identify the main theme for your main essay

  • Receive constant feedback on your written pieces throughout the application process

Module 2 Format:
  • ...

  • ...


Activities & Resume Building


Have you been involved in many extracurriculars but you don't know which are worth mentioning?
Are you still looking for new projects to get involved with?

Build a strong list of extracurricular activities and highlight them in a well-organized resume!

Module 3 Objectives:
  • Brainstorm ideas for your passions and interests

  • Learn how to create a bulletproof resume and receive feedback

  • Build a competitive list of extracurricular activities

  • Identify further opportunities to participate in

Module 3 Format:
  • ...

  • ...

  • ...


Letters of Recommendation Tips & Tricks


Do you need help deciding who to ask for recommendation letters?
Do your professors need help writing a strong recommendation for colleges in the US?

Learn how to receive the recommendations best suited for your application!

Module 4 Objectives:
  • Identify the recommenders who will benefit your applications the most

  • Learn how to guide your recommenders into writing the most efficient letters of recommendation

  • Benefit from examples of successful letters of recommendation

  • Learn tips and tricks about the recommending process

Module 4 Format:
  • ...

  • ...


Common App Application and Counselor


Is the CommonApp application never-ending?
Is your counselor lost in the process of creating a school profile for you?

Fill out the CommonApp adequately and guide your counselor in the process!

Module 5 Objectives:
  • Fill out your CommonApp application correctly and accurately

  • Choose your counselor and correctly complete their application

  • Create a comprehensive and competitive school profile

Module 5 Format:
  • ...

  • ...

  • ...


Financial Aid


Is college in the US too expensive for your family?
Are you scared by the complexity of the CSS Profile?

Fill out your financial aid applications correctly and make the most of your financial aid award!

Module 6 Objectives:
  • Carefully analyze all the aspects pertaining to your financial need

  • Select a financing method of your studies abroad

  • Understand and optimize the financial aid applications and your options

  • Correctly and efficiently fill out the financial aid applications along with your parents or legal guardians

  • Guidance in managing finances and saving up funds throughout your years of college

Module 6 Format:
  • ...

  • ...


Choosing Colleges & Merit Scholarships


There are over 4,300 higher education institutions in the US. Do you need help choosing from them?

Curate your college list and identify the scholarships you're eligible for!

Module 7 Objectives:
  • Choose the colleges and universities you will apply to based on your preferences and academic achievements

  • Identify the Merit Scholarships you are eligible for and put your best application forward

  • Identify the programs your profile is the most competitive for and leverage your background

Module 7 Format:
  • ...

  • ...

  • ...


Demonstrated Interest & Interview Preparation


"By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail."- Benjamin Franklin

Get ready for college interviews and set yourself up for success!

Module 8 Objectives:
  • Understand demonstrated interest and position yourself in a favorable place before submitting your application

  • Connect with officials from colleges and universities of interest

  • Schedule sessions to learn more about the institutions you are interested in

  • Prepare for college interviews with experts and former college interviewers

  • Practice through mock interviews with advisors who have participated in countless interviews

Module 8 Format:
  • ...

  • ...


SAT Prep - Rules, Strategies, Resources & Mock Exams


Are you not sure how to prepare for the SAT exam?
Do you need to improve your score by 100 points?

Get ready for the next SAT session!

Module 9 Objectives:
  • Access countless and extensive SAT Prep resources online and physically

  • Strategize your SAT preparation to ensure the best scores

  • Simulate real-world SAT exams through our mock exam sessions

Module 9 Format:
  • ...

  • ...

  • ...


Portfolio and Passion Project Building


Did you know that more than 75% of current Harvard students completed a passion project in high school?

Create your own passion project and improve your admissions chances!

Module 10 Objectives:
  • Brainstorm ideas for your passion project

  • Build and develop your project from the ground up

  • Create a portfolio that highlights your achievements, contributions, and involvements in a comprehensive way

Module 10 Format:
  • ...

  • ...


Is the standard application process not for you?

Athletics 101
Athletics 101 Objectives:
  • Create of list of colleges which you desire to apply to

  • Receive help in choosing the desired athletic division

  • Develop an application portfolio catered to athletic recruiting.

  • Receive guidance in being in contact with athletic coaches.

  • Prepare for the interview process

  • Learn how to balance academics and sports throughout your college experience

Athletics 101 Format:
  • 1-on-1 Zoom sessions with one of our academic advisors who specialize in the college application process for athletes and athletic scholarship

Minerva 101
Minerva 101 Objectives:
  • Prepare for the Challenges- tests on which admission is based on and evaluate: mathematics, writing skills, communication skills, logic, and creativity

  • Develop adequate mini-essays for the "Achievements" to comply with all the requirements and prompts

  • Efficiently fill out the "Academics" section

  • Correctly complete the Financial Aid application, separate from the CSS Profile

Minerva 101 Format:
  • 1-on-1 Zoom sessions with one of our academic advisors who specialize in applying to the Minerva Schools

Music 101
Music 101 Objectives:
  • Analyze the recorded audition and receive feedback for attaining the best version of it

  • Prepare and constantly develop the application essay, letter of intent, and resume

  • Intensely prepare for the live audition

  • Analyze and receive guidance pertaining to the music theory exam.

  • Receive access to successful examples of resumes, essays, and auditions

  • Prepare for the interview and get advice on structuring the best answers to the potential questions you might receive

Music 101 Format:
  • 1-on-1 Zoom sessions with one of our academic advisors who specialize in the college application process for conservatories

Canada 101

Canada 101
Canada 101 Objectives:
  • Select universities based on your preferences and academic achievements

  • Correctly fill out your application web portal

  • Efficiently apply for merit scholarships, obtain letters of recommendation, and build a competitive resume

  • Prepare you for your college interviews

  • Benefit from guidance in obtaining a student visa, securing your spot in the college dorm facilities, and in pursuing a medical insurance policy for international students

Canada 101 Format:
  • 1-on-1 Zoom sessions with one of our academic advisors who specialize in the college application process in Canada

Graduate School 101!

Are you interested in applying for Graduate School abroad?